Enabling bioproduction of feed, chemicals and fuels from carbon waste

FeedstocksUnited develops a completely new technology concept enabling sustainable bioproduction of feed, chemicals and fuels without relying on sugar as the feedstock.

The vision of FeedstocksUnited is that via 1,3,5-trioxane non-food, one-carbon compounds like methane, methanol, syngas and CO2 can be converted into a range of bioproducts at industrial scale in a technically feasible and economic manner.

Our patented technology enables utilization of trioxane in existing industrial fermentations as if it were sugar.


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Technology concept

  • Enabling technology for bioproduction of feed, chemicals and fuels on the basis of trioxane.
  • Bacterial degradation of trioxane has been established by FeedstocksUnited which was a hitherto unknown microbial process.
  • Genes and their enzymes in the oxygen-independent degradation of trioxane have been identified.
  • Genes can be transferred into a broad range of existing production strains.
  • Trioxane can be derived chemically from non-food one-carbon (C1) compounds including methane, syngas, methanol, formaldehyde and CO2.
  • Trioxane consequently allows for carbon capture in bioproduct formation. It permits sustainably production without relying on sugar as the feedstock.
  • The physical properties of trioxane match those of sugar thus overcoming the formidable challenges related to direct fermentation of C1-compounds.
  • Trioxane has the same oxidation/reduction level as sugar.