Renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide via trioxane into bioproducts in standard facilities


FeedstocksUnited (FSU) develops a completely new technology concept enabling sustainable fermentative bioproduction of chemicals, fuels and biopolymers without relying either on fossil-based feedstocks or sugars.

The FSU-technology is to biologically convert trioxane (a cyclic trimeric polymer of formaldehyde) into valuable bioproducts via aerobic fermentations.

Trioxane can be obtained from CO2 and renewable H2 via methanol.

The physical properties of trioxane match those of sugar, thus overcoming the formidable challenges related to direct aerobic fermentations of the other C1-compounds methane, syngas, methanol, formic acid, and CO2.

Our patented technology will enable utilization of trioxane in existing industrial fermentations as if it were sugar.