About the company

FeedstocksUnited is a recent biotechnology start-up based in The Netherlands which develops new technologies to enable sustainable biological production processes based on non-food feedstocks. It focuses on the efficient utilization of 1,3,5-trioxane, a storage molecule of one-carbon (C1-) compounds such as (bio-) methane, syngas, industrial off-gases and methanol, in bioproduction of a range of added value products. These bioproducts are for instance organic acids, alcohols, microbial biomass and protein (Single Cell Protein), and biopolymers (e.g. PHA's).

Via this completely new concept FeedstocksUnited aims at resolving key issues of current C1-feedstock-based fermentation processes which have hampered successful implementation of these processes for decades (see Technology).

FeedstocksUnited intends to develop proof of principles of this concept, establish a strong IP position and commercialize it. We seek to team up with partners to achieve these goals and bring the new technologies to the next level.